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  • 04/05/2016
    From 3th to 5th May, 2016 in Cape Town will be held “Going Global 2016” Conference, an open forum that brings together world education leaders in order to connect ideas and promote answers about the trend issues on global higher and...
  • 20/04/2016
    On Wednesday, April 20, the Consortium meeting of the Mastermind Europe project takes place at the Modernist Art Nouveau site in Barcelona. There will be representatives from ten partners of the project, including the VU Amsterdam, ACA,...

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Isabelle Turmaine

Director, Information Projects and Services. International Association of Universities (IAU)
  • ACUP: IAU organised a seminar in Barcelona titled "From HEEFA towards SDG4: Building on achievements". What have been the most important achievements of HEEFA?
    IT: The most important achievement of IAU HEEFA project has been the recognition of the importance of including the higher education sector in international education-related agendas. As advocated throughout the project and at many meetings, education should always been considered as a continuum in which access to higher education at any time of one’s life should be made possible to all people willing to continue or resume ... [read more]
  • ACUP: What role do you see for Higher Education in the 2030 Agenda?
    IT: I believe higher education has at least three major roles to continue to play in the 2030 Agenda: 1. to provide evidence to policy makers and NGOs by conducting research on all SDGs, and more particularly on SDG4 which, on top of attending to the unfinished business of the Education For All (EFA) goals, looks at current and future education issues 2. to teach the next generation of graduates so that they become SDG savv... [read more]